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We develop your training or course using Design
Thinking to get your content.



If you don’t know how to create your
content, we are here to help.







“As technology advances and understanding of
human learning progresses, education models and
strategies evolve as well. One of the most exciting
developments in teaching and learning in recent
years is the growing adoption of the active learning

Harvard School of Business


Design Thinking + Active Learning



The creative process to create your content include Design Thinking because we want to develop

your training and check the effectiveness. We also analyse and adapt your content to Active Learning

to guarantee that your audience will get the information.



And we include interactive tools and case studies for games and simulations





Design Thinking + Active Learning



  • Exposition
  • Active Learning (Harvard Review)
  • Case Study (Business Canvas Model)
  • Gamification
  • Interaction
  • Multimidia


    AK Platform is a Software as a Service (SaaS) for Learning Management System (LMS) which creates new learning strategies through gamifications and simulations.Our objective is to support Canadian cities and regions’ development through strong connections amid educational institutions, students, government and the local labor market.

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