"As technology advances and understanding of human learning progresses, education models and strategies evolve as well. One of the most exciting developments in teaching and learning in recent years is the growing adoption of the active learning model"

- Harvard School of Business




Enhance the audience experience by knowing how they learn.

The Active Learning Method activates the brain to complete the learning processing by stimulating it to comprehend and memorize new information. This method compares new content with previous experience to build a deep connection instead of cramming and applying this new information to real life.



With the help of the artificial intelligence that runs our exclusive Bayesian Model, based on statistical probabilities, considering the cultural background, lifestyle, and age, we build classes and groups' profiles that will provide crucial information to the tutors and professors. The educators can deliver courses according to their cognitive learning model (visualizer, listener, reader, and experimenter) by knowing the audience.




Business games and real or fictional simulation models provide users with real-world experiences that respond to contemporary business challenges pragmatically, structured, and effectively. By participating in the challenges that this methodology proposes, participants are exposed to hypothetical situations, testing their knowledge and their decisions and behaviors in the face of an imminent situation.


Collaboration and working with others are essential soft skills in the Canadian workplace.


The AK Platform matches the users' profiles and suggests them workgroups for specifics challenges. It also enables working groups for the given lessons and assignments or any other purpose.



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