For any option, you will have Artificial Intelligence learning with the users' interaction and talking to them through the AK Flow.


Enjoy our exclusive tool for mapping users' cognitive learning models that enable educators better to perform online classes, assignments, and tasks.



Build your own course through the platform.         |         It is easy and simple.


  • Like a puzzle, you assemble all parts of your course in just one tool.

  • You can add anything you want into your course, such as videos, images, documents, and combine them with games, quizzes, simulations, assignments, essays, voice records, and much more.

  • Finally, fulfill your course with the available features. You can schedule events and meetings (and go live with our tool - similar to Zoom), add updates to the course (and automatically notify your students), set up as many forums as you need, give prizes, and more. (check our features to learn how to improve your course).

  • You will have an intelligent panel control that monitors user interaction with your course and delivers a massive, wise report.






Add personalized challenging games and simulations to the courses with our mentorship



  • By interacting with your content through a Design Thinking process, we can create videos, animations, and illustrations for you to better interact with users.

  • Additionally, we can build all your courses for you, considering both your target and marketing approach. Ask how.


Your virtual learning assistant. Learn at any place, anytime.

  • Artificial Inteligence

  • Unlimited database storage

  • Unlimited searches


Sync with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri


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