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Data Yes! We love to collect data!!

Everything your audience does in the platform can be tracked.

Analyse, compare, and make decisions



Customize your dashboard and have daily updates. The charts are friendly and smart




  • # users total
  • # users per day
  • Average timing spent
  • Q&A
  • Errors’ games x users
  • Timing’s games x users
  • Most consulted contents in the media library (average)
  • Ranking with the highest score by person X nationality (0 a 10)
  • Agency performance X region




Engagement Loonie AK integrates your database, CRM, or  spreadsheet with our database 
and compare data and performances


Sales x training users' performance;

We make analyses between training user’s performance (individually or collectively)

and sales

and deliver reports with KPI’s







AK Platform is a Software as a Service (SaaS) for Learning Management System (LMS) which creates new learning strategies through gamifications and simulations.Our objective is to support Canadian cities and regions’ development through strong connections amid educational institutions, students, government and the local labor market.

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