Let the AI help you to learn
accordingly to your brain

Let the AI helps you to learn accordingly to your brain


Learning new information, a new language, or a new culture may be challenging for some, but an opportunity for others.


Independently of the goal, everyone wants to have an enjoyable, smooth, and rich online experience.







Our AI learns the users' cognitive model through their AK platform experience in given games, challenges, simulations, and assessments.


Based on the Bayesian Model inference, considering the costumes and patterns of the users' culture, the machine delivers both content and format of learning accordingly to the group of students' profiles.


• Flow: the AI answers the questions through voice and sync with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri

Cognitive mapping audience tool

• Customer Relationship Management

• Recording and editing classes

• Learning Management System

• Smart Panel Control

• Digital marketing tools

• Integrated communities
















We are different because we have










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