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You can Livestream your classes through our applications, such as Zoom, Google Class, or Big BlueButton, all included in the same price. 

However, if you need to broadcast customizable classes, control students' participation and homework, and create workgroups, we have an advanced solution in partnership with 2Belive.


    1. Student Attention Notification (to instructors);

    2. Set as many class hours as you need;

    3. Upload students’ contacts and quickly invite them to classes;

    4. Organize classes in advance;

    5. Upload as many documents as your institution needs and control the storage for each instructor;

    6. Create catalogs to organize preview and further classes;

    7. Deliver tests;

    8. Organize team groups during classes;

    9. Launch quizzes;

    10. Set up your Dashboard according to your needs - Reports and KPI's.


The online class tools automatically integrate with your content.


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